What Is Refurbished?

Contrary to popular opinion, "Refurbished" does not necessarily equate to "second-hand" or "old" or "repaired". Granted there may be companies that may sell products of varying quality or source under the titled "refurbished" but this however certainly does not apply to us!

Where Do Our Laptops Come From?

Our laptops do not come from end users or auctions or liquidated companies but rather direct from Dell. As Dell sell laptops primarily via mail order, a number of these items are returned for varying reasons for a refund. Sometimes the item has been opened and the customer just does not like the look of it, sometimes the customer changes their mind about a product, sometimes it has developed a fault, or in some instances the box or the item gets damaged in transit. If for whatever reason this item is returned to Dell it is not resold as new. A number of these items are resold by Dell themselves as "factory outlet" items, however a number of these items filter down to us whereby we put them through a major refurbishment and testing process before offering them for sale. Majority of these items have not been used more than a few times before reaching us and in may cases they have not been used at all. Generally speaking the new the model, the less history it will have.

Why Don't Dell Sell These Laptops Themselves?

Dells' primary business is to sell new items. Certain returned or scratched items are sold off by Dell themselves through their "factory outlet", however due to the sheer number of items they sell, it is impossible for them to handle every sale themselves. As such they have a "cost effective cut off point" below which they do not sell the item themselves. For example, if the item has got scratched in their own production process or has been returned to them unopened then they will probably resell the item themselves as no "extra-ordinary" work has to be done by them to sell the item. However if an item returns to them with the box opened and manuals/discs missing or a customer has personalised the software, the work involved in re-checking and re-packaging everything is probably not cost effective. These are the items that end up with us.

What Is Our Refurbishment Process?

Before we offer a laptop for sale, we subject it to a thorough refurbishment and testing procedure to ensure the item is fully working and cosmetically acceptable. This involves hardware testing on the CPU, hard drive, memory, intensive 3D graphics testing,replacing of any damaged cosmetics and returning the software to the original factory state condition. Only when we are confident that the item is 100% operationally as new, will we offer it for sale. After all, it's no fun for us to send you a laptop only for us to receive it back within a few days with a complaint!

Why Buy Refurbished?

One simple reason: Value For Money. Although our refurbished products may not come with the "waffle" that accompanies new items, in terms of performance you will get a lot more punch for your pound. Typically you can expect to save 30%-60% off a new item price. On older models you can expect to save more. As the majority of items we sell are current "Live" Dell products, it is quite easy for you to compare like for like how much the item would cost you new. Typically you may not save much on the "basic" laptop price but a lot of our items have several optional extras and upgrades included, and as you choose these extras on Dell's website you will notice our price becomes more and more appealing!

What Condition Will I Receive My Laptop In?

Operationally the laptops will be fully working. There will be NO lines or scratches on the screen. On some occasions there may be minor scratches or wear and tear marks on the plastics but these will be purely cosmetic and will not hinder the operation or use of the laptop in anyway. If there is anything severe (cosmetically) we will always list it in the advert and the item price will reflect this accordingly. If there is anything wrong with the laptop operationally, we simply will not sell it and you will not even see it advertised!

What Will I Receive With My Laptop?

1) The laptop itself!
2) Battery and Worldwide AC Charger (110V-240v)
3) Recovery Media in case anything goes wrong with your software and you want to do a fresh install
4) OpenOffice - This includes a word processor, spreadsheet, database and presentation software. All to get you going from the word go! (this won't be already installed as we will leave it up to you to decide if you want to use it or not)
5) An invoice with all your details and our details for your records
6) Online Manual. The latest versions can be viewed or downloaded directly from here

You will receive the laptop in a sealed box with our security tape to prevent the package from being tampered with in transit   Inside, the box will be packaged using approved materials and methods to prevent damage in transit
The laptop itself will be in a second layer of protective materials to minimise effects of impact in transit   Voila! Ready for you to switch on and go!