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  • Replacement Laptop Charger for Dell 90W Tip 4.5/3.0mm 19.5V 4.62A RT74M

    Genuine Dell AC Adapter/Charger. This is a guaranteed genuine/original item.

    Please be aware of counterfeit chargers on the market being sold as genuine items These are cheap underpowered imitations which get extremely hot under use and have a high failure rate. They have even been known to explode and should be considered dangerous. These chargers usually are moulded in to the same shape as originals and have counterfeit labels on them to make them look the same as an originals, however the quality is immediately obvious when compared next to an original charger.

    Non-Original chargers also have issues such as the touchscreen/trackpoint not working properly or incorrect charging issues.

    Please be sure to read the specifications carefully to see condition of the item and to see what's included.

    May fit other items than those specified but please ensure you purchase the correct part number for your requirements as some laptop models may use more than one part type/number depending on specification.

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